Terrence Scott


Terrence Scott


Terrence Scott

Terrence was a 2010 graduate of Ridge High School. He came from a big, close family. Terrence was a large and quiet young man who was always with a group of friends especially when his twin brother, Jamie, was there. Terrence was especially close with his friends on the lacrosse team.

Ridge High School
Terrence was a three-sport athlete throughout his time at Ridge High School. He was a member of the Varsity Lacrosse, Soccer, and Ski teams. Terrence was an impact player on all three teams. He never looked for glory or praise but carried himself in a selfless manner always putting his team first.


During his senior year, the boys’ lacrosse team won the first State Group Title in the program’s history. The tight knit culture of that team was the reason for its success and Terrence was an integral part of that success.

On the lacrosse field, Terrence was a solid player who was content to let others be the risk takers and the point scorers but something changed for him mid-way through his senior year. Through the first nine games of that season, Terrence scored just three goals. Then during the next 14 games, he scored 21 goals. Terrence’s transformation was most evident in a come-from-behind overtime win against Westfield.  He scored three goals including the game winner. Terrence’s decision to assert himself as a player was a significant reason why that team won its first State Group Title that year.

Rutgers University
After high school, Terrence and his brother Jamie went onto Rutgers University. At Rutgers, he decided to walk onto the Varsity lacrosse team. While he did not make the team, Terrence’s ability and work ethic challenged the recruits and put the coaching staff in a difficult situation. If Terrence had not decided to step up and become the dominant player he was during his senior year, he would not have considered the challenge of trying to walk onto a collegiate Division 1 lacrosse team.

Terrence taught us about the power of self-determination including the importance of making a personal decision and commitment to being the kind of player and person you want to me. Terrence showed us that we must always be willing to step outside of our comfort zone to reach our higher potential. He taught us to take chances not just for our own benefit but for the benefit of others.



Honoring Terrence Scott

Terrence  is honored by the Ridge High School Lacrosse program in two ways. The annual alumni game is named the Terrence Scott RHS Alumni game. Additionally, a deserving underclassman from the Ridge lacrosse team is chosen to wear Terrence’s #32 jersey for the duration of his high school career.   


Ridge H.S. Lacrosse #32 Jersey Recipients

  • 2023 - Caden Lake
  • 2022 - Player of the Week
  • 2018-2020 - Jake Hoffman
  • 2015-2017 - Will Burckley
Caden Lake #32
Caden Lake #32
Rob and Kathy Scott with jersey recipients, Will Burckley and Jake Hoffman.
Rob and Kathy Scott with jersey recipients, Will Burckley and Jake Hoffman.